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  • Job Configuration: Strengthened TLS verification for the target host when utilizing the Send document to endpoint post-processing step.


  • Connector Settings:
    • Added a new connector setting Postback/Status: include original adapter reference id in postback request and status response to enable sending extraData["originalAdapterReferenceId"] in callback requests and status responses for all transaction types.
    • Added a new connector setting Postback/Status: include reference uuid for all subsequent transactions in postback request and status response to enable sending referenceUuid in callback requests and status responses for all transaction types. This includes transactions referenced directly via the referenceUuid field, as well as related transactions in the customerProfileData.customerProfileGuid field of the customer profile, provided the customer profile belongs to the affected merchant.


  • Customer Profiles: Fixed an issue where manually detaching a payment instrument without deleting it from a customer profile caused unwanted behavior.
  • Provider Settlements and Reconciliation: The callback URL for chargebacks initiated through settlement processing is determined automatically. If the related transaction lacks a callback URL, the transaction tree is searched for an appropriate destination.
  • User Management: Extended the Include Sub-Tenants filter to include sub-tenants of sub-tenants, not just direct sub-tenants.



  • Adyen (ADY-EP3-MBWAY): Added support for the MB Way payment method to Adyen Checkout. MB WAY, provided by MULTIBANCO, serves as a mobile wallet within Portugal's interbank payment network.
  • (CHE-EP2-IDE): Added support for the iDEAL payment method using the NAS platform. iDEAL is an online payment method that enables consumers to pay online through their own bank. Payments are made via bank app or online banking.
  • Klarna (KLW-EP1):
    • Added documentation on required parameters.
    • Added fallback logic to populate essential customer fields when shipping data is missing.
  • Worldline (ING-EP2): Added support for the Sofort payment method. Sofort is the predominant online banking method in countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium and continues to expand its global reach.


  • 2C2P (2C2P-EP1): Improved the handling of empty HTTP responses received from 2C2P.
  • Alignet (ALI-EP01-CC):
    • Updated documentation to clarify that customer shipping address first and last name parameters are optional.
    • Included extraData from referenced transactions in follow-up transactions.
  • Bitpay (BTP-EP1): Fixed cancelUrl forwarding to Bitpay and introduced logging for Bitpay invoice adapter calls.
  • Braintree (BRA): Skip loading transaction data when receiving Braintree callbacks without a paymentId.
  • (CHE):
    • Fixed an issue where settlement processing failed if a previous data fetcher returned no data.
    • Updated documentation with more detailed information about extraData fields relevant to the recipient of account funding transactions.
  • Sepa Express (SEP): Improved UTF-8 handling in the account holder field to handle invalid characters more effectively.
  • Unzer (UNZER-EP1): Fixed an issue with handling empty responses from the PSP.
  • Volt (VOL-EP1): Enhanced callback processing to immediately mark transactions as successful upon receiving a COMPLETED status callback and the successOnSettle connector setting is enabled.
  • Worldline (ING-EP2): Fixed an issue with follow-up debit transactions that reference transactions based on imported IBAN tokens.

Please note that some of the features mentioned in the release notes may initially be available only within our sandbox environment for testing purposes. These features will be made available in the production environment upon successful testing and approval.