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  • Job Configuration: To simplify the process of exporting settlement file data for enterprises with multiple merchants, the External ID stored in the provider can now be used to store an identifier for each merchant. This ID can be selected in export jobs, allowing the same export job to be used for each company/merchant in cases where there are otherwise no differences between the exports. Previously, an individual export needed to be configured per company/merchant.


  • Account Updater: Fixed an issue with the Account Updater that would lead to an incorrect Status being displayed for batch updates ("Finished" instead of "Waiting").
  • Account Updater: Fixed an issue with the new merchant overview where clicking on the details would not redirect users to the selected merchant, but to the selected tenant instead.
  • Merchant Interface: Updated some translations and reviewed the Croatian and Slovenian translations.
  • Pay-by-Link: Restricted the ability to cancel transactions to pay-by-link transactions only.
  • Post Processing Setting: Fixed an issue that would prevent settlements from being retrieved if the waitForAllFiles setting is enabled. Incomplete periods are now also handled correctly, with the last period only being updated if settlement files were processed.
  • UI: Fixed the 8-digit BIN display in the transaction details view.
  • UI Navigation: Fixed the broken icon for creating connectors.
  • Virtual Terminal: Removed trailing apostrophes for virtual terminal result URLs.



  • American Express (AMX-EP1): Reinstituted a change that was reverted in the last release. A reference number is generated and passed to the vault as part of the capture request using the additionalId1 field. However, this could not be handled using the multi-method connector.
  • ATOM (an NTT DATA Company) (ATOM-EP1-CC): The data fetcher configuration has been updated, allowing additional field mappings for settlement files. The names of the fields selected here need to be added to the key column in the export job.
  • (CHE-EP2): Added payout parameters for platform 2.
  • dLocal (DLO-EP1-PUNTO): The Punto Express payment method is now supported by the dLocal adapter.
  • eMerchantPay (EME-EP3-SEP): Added support for deregister transactions.
  • GoCardless (GOC-EP1): An additional configuration option has been added for the connector that provides a choice between redirect and server to server flows.
  • Nuvei (NUV-EP2): Fixed the mapping of Nuvei error codes, with "Service Busy" now being mapped to IXOPAY error code 3003 (temporarily unavailable).
  • Sepa Express (SEP-EP3-BTR): Added a new bank transfer payment method to the adapter. As this payment method uses open banking, some transaction types like register and deregister are unavailable, along with other transaction types not implemented in the original version of the adapter.
  • SoftBank Payment Service (SOB-EP1): The documentation was updated to include information on required fields.
  • Unzer (UNZER): Fixed the title for the Unzer API documentation.
  • Valitor (VALIT-EP1-CC): Fixed an issue that would cause refunds to fail for capture transactions. Instead of requesting a refund, IXOPAY now requests a capture refund, which resolves this issue.


  • AsiaPay (ASIA): AsiaPay is a leading payment service provider in the APAC region. The adapter supports GCash, ShopeePay and credit card payments.
  • HypYaad (HYP-EP1-CC): Hyp is an Israeli all-in-one payments solution that provides online and in-store payment solutions. The adapter supports credit card payments.
  • Unzer (UNZER-EP1): Unzer is a leading fintech company based in Germany, specializing in providing innovative and secure payment solutions. With a strong focus on e-commerce, Unzer offers a wide range of payment methods and services.


  • American Express (AMX-EP1): Fixed an issue with fees in American Express settlements that would only occur under certain circumstances.
  • AsiaPay (ASIA): The AsiaPay PesoPay logo is now displayed wherever the brand name is used instead of the adapter name.
  • (CHE-EP1): Fee reports are now handled in a second process, rather than as part of the settlement. A new data fetcher configuration (gross type) is available for this purpose.
  • Klarna (KLW): Fixed an issue with validation that affected customers in specific locations. The validation now checks that the billingState is set if the country is US or Australia.
  • Nuvei (NUV-EP1): Improved the parsing of the CSV settlement files to be more robust. Under some circumstances, an error could occur when parsing settlement files.
  • Nuvei (NUV-EP1): Before parsing a row in the reconciliation file, the date is checked to ensure it is valid.
  • Straight2Bank Pay (STRAI-E01): Fixed an issue that would cause the retrieval process for settlements to be locked if an invalid response was received.
  • Unzer: Fixed errors caused when postback sharing is not set in the connector.
  • Worldpay (WOR-EP1-CC): The adapter transaction ID is now set when an incoming postback is received.

Please note that some of the features mentioned in the release notes may initially be available only within our sandbox environment for testing purposes. These features will be made available in the production environment upon successful testing and approval.