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  • Transaction Details: Additional headers for callbacks including Content-Type, Accept and User-Agent are now added to the postback transaction logs in the transaction details view when the postback:send-test-plain-header or postback:send-useragent-header are set in the connector settings.
  • Transaction Export: Fixed an issue with the export of transaction data for merchants with mult-merchant access.
  • UI Navigation: The Croatian and Slovenian translations have been updated.



  • Braintree (BRA-EP2-CC): The connector configuration has been updated, see the documentation for more information.
  • Braintree (BRA-EP1): The additionalId1 field is now mapped to the descriptor name instead of the descriptor URL.
  • Cybersource (CYS-EP1-CC): Updated the description of auxiliary data in the documentation.
  • DPO Pay (PAYGA-PYGT): The DPO Pay adapter now supports preauthorize, capture and void transactions for credit cards.
  • Worldpay (WOR-EP1-CC): The API documentation has been updated to include information on which parameters are mandatory for the Worldpay WPG PCI adapter.


  • ATOM (an NTT DATA Company) (ATOM-EP1-CC): Fixed an error with retrieving the settlement that was introduced in an earlier change.
  • Braintree (BRA): The createdAt timestamp supplied in Braintree's postback is now used as the timestamp for PayPal chargebacks.
  • DPO Pay (PAYGA): Fixed an issue that prevented settlements from being processed due to an invalid date format.
  • EPG Financial Services Limited (EPG-EP01-PAYLA): If the additionalId1 field is not provided as part of the payout request, the alias of the referenced debit transaction is used as a fallback option.
  • GoCardless (GOC-EP1): Fixed an issue with the server-to-server flow caused by a missing parameter.
  • Valitor (VALIT-EP1-CC): Fixed an issue with settlements caused by duplicate transaction lifecycle IDs.

Please note that some of the features mentioned in the release notes may initially be available only within our sandbox environment for testing purposes. These features will be made available in the production environment upon successful testing and approval.