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  • Connector settings: A new feature has been added to Transaction Processing, allowing users to set a static description when no description is provided in the transaction request.


  • Connector settings: The setting "Reconciliation: Use reference merchant tx id for unknown transactions" has been enhanced to include transaction types beyond chargebacks.
  • User settings: Enhanced password change and reset view with improved validation feedback, including length requirements (at least 12 characters), and other factors; also improved text in the two-factor-view based on feedback.



  • Straight2Bank Pay: A new payment method, VNPAYQR, has been introduced.
  • Straight2Bank Pay: A new payment method, FPSQR, has been introduced.
  • Straight2Bank Pay: A new payment method, CreditcardRedirect, has been introduced.
  • PayU: The PAU-E01 integration has been extended to support Creditcard debit and refund transactions for PayU Columbia.


  • Straight2Bank Pay: We added the option to configure an optional PSP ID.

Please note that some of the features mentioned in the release notes may initially be available only within our sandbox environment for testing purposes. These features will be made available in the production environment upon successful testing and approval.