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  • Account Updater: The information on when a customer's card was last updated only displays the date, not date and time. The documentation has been updated accordingly.

  • Meta connector (Multi-method connector): A number of changes have been implemented:

    Routing rules view:

    • Disabled and archived connectors are now only displayed if they are used in the routing rule. If such adapters are used, the adapter is displayed with the "(DISABLED)" prefix.
    • If a connector used in a routing rule is disabled or archived, the rule can no longer be saved. A suitable error message is displayed.

    Connector configuration:

    • When a connector is disabled or archived, the system first checks whether the connector is used in any routing rules. If the connector is in use, a warning is displayed that connectors can only be disabled or archived if they are not used by any routing rules. A list of the routing profiles using the connector is also displayed.

    Meta-connector configuration:

    • When unarchiving a meta-connector, its status is automatically set to disabled.
    • When enabling a meta-connector, the system checks whether the meta-connector uses any disabled or archived connectors. A corresponding message is displayed if the meta-connector cannot be enabled due to it referencing disabled/archived connectors.


  • Virtual Terminal: The merchant transaction ID is now a mandatory field in the virtual terminal.



  • ATOM (an NTT DATA Company) (ATOM-EP1-CC): Added post-processing logs.
  • Braintree (BRA-EP2-CC): Added support for chargeback and chargeback reversals for disbursement and fee settlements.
  • Redsys (RED):
    • Updated the documentation to include information on the new configuration and parameter mapping.
    • Added a merchant descriptor configuration to DS_MERCHANT_MERCHANTDESCRIPTOR
    • Mapped the description to DS_MERCHANT_MERCHANTDESCRIPTOR.
  • Silverflow, Stripe (SIL-SEP-VIS, STRV2-EP1-VIS): Updated the documentation with information that final captures are supported by the adapter.
  • Worldline (ING-EP1-CC): Increased the timeout to 60 seconds when retrieving settlement files.


  • CMI (CMI): The payment acquirer CMI has been a trusted partner of Moroccan merchants since 2004. The CMI adapter supports payment via credit card.


  • eMerchantPay (EME-EP3-SEP): Fixed a bug which caused partial refunds to be declined by the gateway, even though this transaction type is supported.
  • HypYaad (HYP-EP1-CC): Fixed a bug that caused transactions with an amount higher than 999.99 to be ignored in settlements.
  • PayPal (PPA, SHO): Fixed an issue that would occur when configuring a data fetcher for either PayPal or Shopify PayPal without the necessary required parameters. The user name and password in the configuration are now also shown as required.
  • Worldline (ING-EP5): Updated the way transactions are voided to include additional information on the payment amount and currency. The status handling was also reworked to improve error handling and the accuracy of responses.

Please note that some of the features mentioned in the release notes may initially be available only within our sandbox environment for testing purposes. These features will be made available in the production environment upon successful testing and approval.