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  • Transaction API: Added the parsedMerchantAdviceCode to transactions that contains the parsed merchant advice code for those adapters that support MAC, including the Simulator adapter.



  • 3DS: The CardholderInfo field from the issuer is now returned for failed 3DS authentications. The information in this field provides additional information on why 3DS failed and can be displayed to the user.


  • Setup: Merchant and connector templates have been removed. The same functionality can now be achieved using the global settings.


  • Callback: Fixed an issue with callbacks when the postback format was set to inherit and a follow-up transaction was using a different API version than the initial transaction.
  • Post Processing: Fixed the verification of a mandatory job period setting in job schedules.
  • Post Processing: Fixed an issue introduced by a recent UI update that caused some buttons to no longer work in the Post-processing configuration.
  • UI Navigation: The UI has been updated to support 8-digit BINs.
  • Virtual Terminal: Fixed an issue where confirmation emails were sent out incorrectly. Mails would be sent if the "vt mail on success" setting was enabled, even if the transaction was not related to the virtual terminal. Mails were also sent for all pay-by-link transactions, even if the option to send out emails for PBL was disabled.



  • American Express (AMX-EP1-AMX): A new setting is available for the American Express settlement data fetcher that saves the Amex payment number as the batch number, instead of using the date and time.
  • Worldpay (WOR-EP1): The line item SETTLED_MISCELLANEOUS (for fees not associated with a particular transaction) is now handled without creating a conflict.


  • 2C2P (2C2P-EP1): Fixed an issue where settlements were sometimes fetched twice.
  • Adyen (ADY-EP3-APP, ADY-EP3-CC, ADY-EP3-GOP): Fixed a bug that occurred when cross-referencing a transaction at another PSP.
  • Braintree (BRA-EP2): Billing address data from the initial transaction is now stored and can be used in follow-up transactions. This billing address data is now used to process debit and preauthorization transactions.
  • Braintree (BRA-EP2): The field additionalId1 can now be mapped to the descriptor object, allowing the invoice number to be passed to Braintree.
  • Nuvei (NUV): File names for settlements can now be entered using a new optional regular expression field.
  • Volt (VOL-EP1): Fixed an issue with settlements caused by both debits and refund transactions related to the same transaction having the same ID in Volt, causing refunds to sometimes be settled instead of debits.

Please note that some of the features mentioned in the release notes may initially be available only within our sandbox environment for testing purposes. These features will be made available in the production environment upon successful testing and approval.