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  • 3DS: Rolled back changes that removed 3DS postback data for merchants using external MPI.
  • Transaction details: The payment token is now included in the customer profile data in callbacks and API status calls.


  • Post Processing: The filter in the Collect All Transactions (in period) Post Processing collecting step now supports filtering adapter errors and internal errors by the date on which their status changed.
  • Provider settlements: Added a new tab to the conversion rate system settings that allows deviation tolerances to be defined for currency pairs per tenant. This is then used to verify settlements rather than the tenant's global tolerance or default tolerance (0.02%).
  • Settings: Added a new project setting, Postback: Include Basic Auth header, which allows a header to be sent for basic-auth postback. This setting is also available as a global connector setting.


  • Account Updater: Fixed an issue where only one level of sub-tenants were filtered. Fixed an issue that would cause an error when changing the master tenant in the detailed view.
  • Customer profile: Fixed an issue that triggered an error when creating a customer profile via the API's customerProfileData field without setting any customer data in the transaction.
  • Pay-by-Link: Fixed an issue that would result in an empty redirect URL. Fixed an issue with redirects to expired pay-by-link transactions without an error URL that would cause an exception. The correct page is now displayed.
  • Pay-by-Link: Fixed an issue that caused all pay-by-link transactions to be withRegister transactions. It is now possible to choose whether the transaction should be a withRegister transaction or not using the with Register (Store Payment Instrument for Card-on-File payments) checkbox.
  • Post Processing: Fixed an issue that would cause an error for sub-tenants when attempting to select job configuration templates created at the parent provider level if no fee entities were available in the template.
  • Risk Engine: Fixed an issue with the Count of different credit cards of same device risk rule if no customer or browser data is available.



  • (CHE-EP1-CC): The AVS and CVV results are now added to the extraData in callbacks if available in the response.
  • DPO Pay (PAYGA-PYGT-PMR): Added support for the USSD payment method.
  • eMerchantPay (EME): Added support for chargeback reasons, which are now forwarded to merchants.
  • Nuvei (NUV): Updated the Westpac settlement handling.
  • Paysafecard (PSC): Added support for payouts.
  • Redsys (RED-EP2-BIZ): Added support for refund transactions.


  • Nuvei (NUV-EP1-CC): Added support for chargeback notifications from Nuvei.


  • Bank of America (BOFA-EP1-ACH): The Addenda row was removed from the NACHA file when using the WEB format, as it is not required.


  • Nuvei (NUV-EP1-CC): Fixed issues with the references to related transactions, which should either contain the Nuvei transaction ID, the transaction ID of the previous 3DS request, or the transaction ID of the authorized payment.
  • Nuvei (NUV): To handle issues with settlements, a new optional configuration setting has been added for the reconciliation data fetcher ID, which checks whether the system needs to wait for the CB report for the same date when retrieving settlements.
  • PPRO (PPR-EP1): Fixed an issue with settlements, that is caused by PPRO sometimes providing multiple files with the initial file only containing volume data, and subsequent files containing the actual transaction settlement data. A new option is now available in the data fetcher configuration, Only retrieve settlements if all fees and volume files are present that checks whether all settlement files are present before retrieving and processing the files.
  • Valitor (VALIT-EP1-CC): Fixed an issue related to duplicate transaction IDs issued by Valitor that would cause refunds to be ignored in settlements due to another transaction having the same ID.
  • Volt (VOL-EP1): Fixed an issue with Volt settlement files caused by the formatting of the CSV data.

Please note that some of the features mentioned in the release notes may initially be available only within our sandbox environment for testing purposes. These features will be made available in the production environment upon successful testing and approval.