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  • Transaction API: Added dedicated fields for the cardholder billing state (billingAddressState) and cardholder shipping state (shippingAddressState) used in 3DS authentication.



  • Permissions: Front end user roles have been split into view and edit permissions.
  • UI: Autocompletion of password input fields has been disabled as a security measure.


  • Multi-method Connector: Fixed an issue with converting register transactions to debit/preauthorize transactions for adapters that do not support register transactions directly. This conversion would fail when using multi-method meta-connectors in conjunction with the processing:convert-register-to-debit setting.
  • Post-processing Schedule: Fixed an issue in calculating the post processing schedule interval.
  • UI: Fixed the Token icon colour for white label tenants.



  • Klarna (KLW-EP1-APM): In order to support an upcoming change, the IXOPAY UUID is now provided via the merchant_reference1 and merchant_reference2 fields. IXOPAY now checks for the UUID in merchant_reference2 when handling settlements, using this value as a fallback until changes to the handling of the UUID are complete.
  • Mashreq (MASH-EP01-CCRD): The response data is now used to set the transaction status instead of sending a separate request to retrieve the status.
  • Valitor (VALIT-EP1-CC): Changed the Valitor ID used to map settlements, as the ID used previously could not handle certain cases such as refunds.


  • Adyen (ADY-EP3-BIZ): Bizum has been added as a new payment method.
  • AsiaPay (ASIA): AsiaPay is an Asian digital payment service provider, covering credit and debit cards, online banking, digital wallets, BNPL and other digital payments. The new adapter supports GCash, BPI and ShopeePay as well as credit card payments with JCB and Mastercard.


  • eMerchantPay (EME-EP3): Fixed issues with invalid amounts that occurred when the currency is missing by using the related transaction's currency as a fallback.
  • Worldline (ING-EP2-CC): Updated the adapter to use the same error mapping for adapter calls and incoming callbacks.

Please note that some of the features mentioned in the release notes may initially be available only within our sandbox environment for testing purposes. These features will be made available in the production environment upon successful testing and approval.