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  • FAST Editor: Add a new placeholder in the FAST Editor to include the surchargeAmount in the hosted payment pages.
  • Post Processing: Enable clients to create reports of account updates using the post-processing engine.
  • Currency: Add ZWL as available currency.


  • Connector Settings: Fix the connector setting to calculate the surcharge fee.
  • User Management: Fix an issue that archived users where still visible for merchants users.



  • Adyen Checkout (ADY-EP3-PCQ): Add refund and partial refund support for Payconiq by Bancontact Mobile for Adyen Checkout.
  • Alipay - Ant Group (ANT-EP1-ALIPL): Add Alipay+ shadow link (iMock - mocked responses) support for Alipay+ sandbox accounts.
  • Braintree (BRA-EP2-CC): Add two new file types for the Braintree settlement data fetcher to be configured.
  • Straight2Bank Pay (STRAI-E01-CC): Add refund transaction type for the Straight2Bank adapter.


  • DOKU (DOKU-EP01): Make the DOKU settlement retrieval filter for filenames configurable.
  • DOKU (DOKU-EP01): Fix to allow the DOKU settlement currency configuration to be saved.
  • DPO Pay (PAYGA-PYGT-CC): Add mandatory parameter refunddetail for refund transactions.
  • DPO Pay (PAYGA-PYGT-CC): Fix handling of follow-up preauthorize, debit and payout transactions in combination with customer profile tokens.
  • Payabl (P21-EP1): Fix the behavior to set refunds immediately to success.
  • Paypal (PPA-EP1-PPE): Add Wallet data in the transactions additional data for PayPal payout transactions.
  • Straight2Bank Pay (STRAI-E01): Fix the settlement handling for Straight2Bank adapter allowing the second adapter transaction id to be empty.
  • Straight2Bank Pay (STRAI-E01): Fix mapping of newly introduced gstFee to scheme fee and deduct the fee from payout.
  • Volt (Settlement): Add an additional data fetcher configuration parameter extra data: notificationSecret.
  • Worldline (ING-EP2-SEP): Fix the error mapping for errors received via callbacks from the PSPs and set the transactions correctly to declined instead of successful.

Please note that some of the features mentioned in the release notes may initially be available only within our sandbox environment for testing purposes. These features will be made available in the production environment upon successful testing and approval.