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  • payment.js: In addition to styling the CVV and card number fields on checkout pages, it is now also possible to apply styles to their placeholder text.



  • Provider Settlements and Reconciliation: Updated the data fetcher to:
    • Validate input data
    • Inform users when the data fetcher is saved with missing or invalid data
    • Allow the data fetcher's interval to be set to 0 (no retrieval). This is now also the default value for new data fetchers.


  • Audit Log: Added the ability to export user management audit logs that includes information on users, such as the date the user was added, modified or deleted, their last login and the tenant the user is assigned to. These export logs can be found under Security Center on the Audit Log Export tab.


  • Documentation: Updated the Schedule API documentation to address incorrect information.
  • Documentation: Fixed an issue with the signature testing tool that would cause it to generate an incorrect signature due to a difference in how the URL path is generated compared to the IXOPAY gateway.
  • Provider Settlements and Reconciliation: Fixed an issue with chargeback reversals that would result in an error that the chargeback could not be found. This was caused by postback notifications that contain the same reference ID for both capture and preauthorization transactions.
  • Risk Profile: Fixed an issue that would prevent Starter and Growth users from editing the risk ruleset. When attempting to edit the ruleset, an error message was displayed that only one risk profile is allowed.
  • UI Navigation: Fixed an issue with Apple Pay and Google Pay transactions showing the incorrect icon for the token type.



    • Fixed an issue with mapping fees for SIX via the E-Link adapter. New mappings have been added for the scheme fees and interchange fees to address this.
    • Updated the handling of settlements to use the current date and time as the fallback value for the payment date and settlement number if this value is not present. This was the case if the refunded amount was larger than the captured amount. Furthermore, if a payment number is available, this is used as the payment reference.


  • China UMS (UMS-EP1-H5): Fixed an issue with missing adapter-related data in the postback notification.
  • Paysafecard (PSC-EP1): Fixed an issue that would cause refunds to fail due to the adapter transaction ID being truncated.

Please note that some of the features mentioned in the release notes may initially be available only within our sandbox environment for testing purposes. These features will be made available in the production environment upon successful testing and approval.