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  • Audit Log: A color-coded diff of the changes to a post-processing job's configuration is now available.


  • Multi-method connector: Fixed the status poll for multi-method connectors and added a new connector setting (Delay autoCapture for debits by 5min) that can be used to delay the automatic capture.
  • Network Tokenization: Fixed an issue that displayed disabled merchants in the NTS enrollment and Assign TRID drop-down lists.
  • Post Processing Jobs: Fixed an issue with exporting data that would cause credit card data (e.g. the brand) to be empty in the exported file.
  • Provider Settlement: Fixed an issue with chargeback reversals that prevented them from being processed.
  • UI Navigation: The network token status tab is now hidden if no network token is available.
  • UI Navigation: Fixed an issue with sorting merchants and customer profiles.
  • Virtual Terminal: Fixed an issue with the formatting of surcharge amounts when entered as a percentage instead of an absolute value.



  • Alignet (ALI-EP01-CC): Removed the merchant transaction ID section.
  • (CHE-EP1-CC):
    • Added billing post code/ZIP and billing state fields for AFT transactions.
    • When the Postback/Status: Include Auth-Code in postback/response and status response connector setting is enabled, the auth-code sent by is now included in the callback.
  • Cybersource (CYS-EP1-CC):
    • Added support for partial capture
    • Mapped additional fields in API calls
    • Added support for the JapanPaymentOptions parameter for installments.
  • DPO Pay (PAYGA-PYGT): Added support for handling callbacks.
  • Nuvei (NUV): Added the ability to parse line items containing fees in settlement files.
  • PXP (PXP): An SFTP host can now be defined for the settlement data fetcher. If no SFTP host is specified, the default host ( is used instead.
  • Zona Virtual SA - Zonapagos (ZONA-EP1): Added a setting to enable custom URLs for endpoints.


  • China UMS (UMS): China UnionPay Merchant Services (China UMS) is a subsidiary of China UnionPay, a major financial services corporation in China. The adapter supports payments via Alipay and WeChat Pay.


  • Adyen (ADY-EP3): Fixed an issue with the handling of the PresentToShopper result codes with the Multibanco payment method. The transaction is now set to pending instead of causing an error. This applies to all initial transaction types (debit, preauthorize and register).
  • Alignet (ALI-EP01-CC): Fixed an issue with ID duplicates caused by simultaneous transactions.
  • Alipay - Ant Group (ANT-EP1-ALIPL): Fixed a rare issue where an empty response would result in an error.
  • American Express (AMX):
    • Transactions in American Express settlements can now also be resolved using the additionalId1 field. The settlement handler first checks the UUID and then the additionalId1 field.
    • Refund amounts are now saved as absolute values.
  • (CHE-EP1): Fixed an issue when mapping errors where the error code is empty.
  • (CHE-EP1-IDE, CHE-EP2-IDE): Improved the adapter's error handling.
  • Mashreq (MASH): Debit calls include both a preauthorize and capture call. A 5 minute delay has been added to the capture due to recurring issues with instant captures.
  • Mashreq (MASH-EP01): Fixed an issue with parsing the API response that could result in an invalid value, leading to an error.
  • Worldline (ING-EP2): Fixed an issue with the data type used for the mandateDate.

Please note that some of the features mentioned in the release notes may initially be available only within our sandbox environment for testing purposes. These features will be made available in the production environment upon successful testing and approval.