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  • Transaction API: Added cardUpdateStatus and cardUpdatedAt to returnData for cardData responses when account updater is enabled.



  • Account Updater: The Payment Instruments section of Customer Profiles now shows the Status and Last Update columns for Credit Cards.
  • Meta connector: Added support for tokenizing Google Pay and Apple Pay payment information and routing these transactions to PSPs.


  • Post Processing Jobs: Fixed an issue with the option to pause the execution of post-processing jobs. Previously, setting the job to wait until a specific time that included seconds meant that the next strategy job was never executed.
  • Provider Settlements and Reconciliation: Settlement conflicts are now resolved as a result of the transaction being set to successful.



  • Adyen (ADY-EP3-CC): Added support for post-processing Adyen settlements and reconciliation via GlobalPayments.

  • Braintree (BRA-EP1-BLI): Added support for the Blik payment method. This is a popular bank transfer payment method in Poland.

  • Redsys (RED-EP1): Added a new setting for the Redsys Bizum payment method that allows users to include an error URL in the transaction data. If the URL is specified, the system will send this URL if the payment fails, improving error handling and the user experience.

  • Worldline (ING-EP5): PostFinancePay is now available as a payment method. The following countries are supported:

    • Switzerland
    • Belgium
    • France
    • Germany
    • Netherlands
    • United Kingdom
    • Additional EU countries

    Supported currencies include CHF and EUR.


  • AllSecure (ALLSE): AllSecure is a global payment service provider that provides tailor-made online payment solutions. The adapter supports credit card payments.
  • PayPal Complete Platform (PPCP-EP1-PPE): Added a new PayPal Commerce Platform adapter. The adapter supports:
    • All transactions types using hosted payment pages
    • All transaction types by integrating PayPal directly on the merchant's website
    • PayLater capability
    • PayPal vaulting.


  • Adyen (ADY): Fixed an issue where lines marked as a merchant payout were not correctly mapped to the paymentReference field.
  • (CHE-EP1-IDE, CHE-EP2-IDE): Added BIC support for transactions not involving an IBAN customer.
  • Neteller (NET-EP1): Fixed an issue where the transaction status failed to update to ERROR after receiving a postback indicating an error.
  • Worldline (ING-EP2-MAS): Fixed an issue with unformatted chargeback amounts. Due to the lack of formatting, the result was increased by a factor of 100.

Please note that some of the features mentioned in the release notes may initially be available only within our sandbox environment for testing purposes. These features will be made available in the production environment upon successful testing and approval.