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Processing options

Processing options refer to the different methods and approaches available for handling payment transactions within the IXOPAY platform. Each processing option offers specific features and functionalities tailored to meet the diverse needs of merchants and their customers. This section provides an overview of the various processing options available and highlights their key characteristics and use cases.


This reference documentation is organized into separate articles, each focusing on a specific processing option. The articles provide detailed information about the processing option, including its purpose, use cases, and a step-by-step processing flow. The articles in this reference documentation for processing options are as follows:

  • Full-page redirect: A processing option that redirects customers to the payment service provider's payment page, ideal for alternative payment methods and merchants who prefer not to handle the payment process directly.
  • Hosted payment pages: A processing option that enables merchants to redirect customers to a payment page hosted by IXOPAY, simplifying the payment integration process and ensuring secure payment information collection.
  • Hosted fields — payment.js: A processing option that allows merchants to embed a secure payment fields within their own checkout page while securely hosting sensitive card data and maintaining control over the checkout page design.
  • Server-to-server: A processing option that facilitates server-to-server communication, allowing merchants to perform various transactions without involving end-users directly. It is commonly used for recurring payments, refunds, de-registering payment methods, and other server-initiated actions.

By exploring each of these articles, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the available processing options and choose the one that best suits your specific requirements.