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Event listening

Both, number and CVV support listening for the following events:

  • input
  • focus and blur
  • mouseover and mouseout
  • enter and esc
  • tab and shift-tab

Register the event handlers in the init or initCvvRefresh methods:

const payment = new PaymentJs();
payment.init("$INTEGRATION_KEY", "cc-number", "cc-csc", (payment) => {
payment.numberOn("input", (data) => {
// Handle input event

payment.numberOn("focus", (data) => {
// Handle focus event

For all events, the callback function will receive a data object:

"cardType": "visa",
"cvvLength": 3,
"numberLength": 12,
"validCvv": true,
"validNumber": true

Possible cardType values are: amex, dinacard, diners, discover, elo, jcb, mada, maestro, mastercard, meeza, uatp, unionpay, visa_electron, and visa.

Forward compatibility

Please note that the enumerated list provided above is subject to change or expansion over time. As such, be ready to accommodate and appropriately handle unfamiliar card brands.