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Callback data

The callback data sent by IXOPAY platform contains all information about the transaction status and details. For a detailed breakdown of the data format, please refer to our API documentation on the callback event.

To further enhance your understanding of callback handling in IXOPAY platform, explore the following articles:

Additional data

If you require additional per-transaction information to process the notification for your customer's order, you have two options:

  1. You can use the optional field merchantMetaData when creating a transaction to include any additional data specific to your application. For example:

    "merchantTransactionId": "your-unique-identifier",
    "description": "Purchase description shown on credit card statement.",
    "amount": "9.99",
    "currency": "EUR",
    "callbackUrl": "",
    "merchantMetaData": "someKey=someValue&anything=else"

    Please note that the maximum length of merchantMetaData is currently limited to 255 characters.

    • You can use key-value pairs, similar to query-string parameters, to provide the necessary information.
    • Alternatively, you can use escaped JSON to structure the data.
    • If you need to add a significant amount of information, consider using a binary encoding format such as Protobuf and then base64 or base58 encoding it.
  2. Alternatively, you can provide the required data as query-string parameters in the callbackUrl that you define. For example, you can include the additional data in the URL like this:

This flexibility allows you to customize the callback data and include any necessary information to handle the transaction appropriately.