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Intermediate redirects

When dealing with transactions processed through a Payment Selection Page, the IXOPAY platform provides a feature to redirect the customer back to your checkout flow before the final processing of the chosen payment method.


Please be aware that this feature needs to be manually enabled on your merchant account.

Process flow

  1. Merchant: Initiate a Debit transaction to the IXOPAY platform, with intermediateUrl included in extraData (refer to the Technical details section below).
  2. Merchant: Guide the customer's browser to the redirectUrl present in the response.
  3. IXOPAY platform: Show the payment selection page to the customer.
  4. Customer: Choose the desired payment method on the payment selection page.
  5. IXOPAY platform: Dispatch a callback with the PENDING status and extraData containing continueUrl to the specified callbackUrl. Alternatively, the merchant can query the continueUrl by using the Status API.
  6. IXOPAY platform: Redirect the customer's browser back to the intermediateUrl. The IXOPAY platform adds the continueUrl as GET parameter to the page's URL.
  7. Merchant: Display the checkout finalization page to the customer.
  8. Customer: Clicks, for example, "Finalize purchase now".
  9. Merchant: Guide the customer's browser to the continueUrl – sourced from the GET parameter, from the callback, or the Status API.
  10. IXOPAY platform: Show the actual payment page to the customer.
  11. Customer: Concludes payment at the Payment Service Provider (PSP).
  12. IXOPAY platform: Dispatches the final callback to the merchant's callbackUrl.
  13. IXOPAY platform: Redirects the customer back to the merchant's successUrl — or errorUrl in case of payment failure.
  14. Merchant: Displays the "Thank you for your purchase" page.

Here's a visual representation of the process flow using a sequence diagram:

Technical details

Apart from the standard transaction details, you should also pay attention to the following:

  • Send the extraData value for the intermediateUrl key: This URL is where we'll redirect the customer after they have chosen a payment method.

    For example:

    // ...
    "extraData": {
    "intermediateUrl": ""
    // ...
  • Extract the extraData value with the continueUrl key from the callback: This is the URL where you should redirect the customer to complete the payment.

    In the callback:

    // ...
    "extraData": {
    "continueUrl": ""
    // ...

    Alternatively, you can:

    • Retrieve the continueUrl through the Status API.
    • Extract the continueUrl parameter, which we append to your intermediateUrl.

    Example: If you provided, we would redirected to