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Display the challenge flow in an iframe

While it's not possible to customize the design elements (fonts and colors) of the 3-D Secure authentication UI —as these are managed by the issuing bank— you do have flexibility regarding its positioning on your web page. A common choice among merchants is to display it as a modal dialog on their payment page. If you have a custom modal component, you can easily embed the 3-D Secure frame within it. Alternatively, you can display the authentication content in line with your payment form.

Window size

If you're not using Hosted payment pages or Hosted fields — payment.js, you need to manually send the threeDSecureData.browserChallengeWindowSize. The issuing bank will take the value of this field into consideration when rendering the 3-D Secure authentication page.

Issuers of cards supporting 3-D Secure 2.x are required to accommodate the 3-D Secure content in a variety of sizes: 250x400 (01), 390x400 (02), 500x600 (03), 600x400 (04), and full screen (width by height dimensions, 05). For the optimal user interface, consider setting the iframe to one of these exact dimensions.

Create an iframe with src set to the redirectUrl as follows:

const iframe = document.createElement("iframe");
iframe.src = transactionResponse.redirectUrl;
iframe.width = 600;
iframe.height = 400;

Once the customer completes 3-D Secure authentication, the iframe will redirect to the successUrl, errorUrl or cancelUrl that was provided during transaction creation. These pages should then send a postMessage to your top-level page to signal the completion of 3-D Secure authentication. Your top-level page can then determine if the payment was successful or requires further customer action.

Your successUrl, errorUrl or cancelUrl pages may execute the following:"3DS-complete");

Your top payment page should listen for this postMessage to know when the authentication process has completed. At this point, you should have received a callback from the IXOPAY platform, and you can use this data to display the final result page.

function on3DSComplete() {
// Hide the 3DS UI

// call your backend to retrieve the status of transaction
// depending on the status show your customer a success page
// or prompt for another payment method

(e) => {
if ( === "3DS-complete") {

This provides a seamless integration of the 3-D Secure UI into your webpage, enhancing user experience while maintaining high transaction security.