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Getting production ready

Building a robust and secure API integration requires attention to several factors, such as error handling and security measures. This guide is designed to help you get production-ready by providing practical guidance on how to handle errors and implement additional security measures to protect your sensitive data.

Structure of this guide

This guide is organized into two sections, each covering a different aspect of getting production-ready:

  • Handling errors: Error handling is a crucial aspect of any API integration. This section covers several best practices for handling errors that occur within your application and when calling the IXOPAY platform API.
  • Additional security: Security is paramount when dealing with sensitive data. This section covers the signature mechanism provided by the IXOPAY platform API, which adds an extra layer of security to API requests and callbacks. It explains how to compute and validate signatures and how to sign requests.

Each section contains articles that dive deeper into specific topics, providing practical examples and code snippets to help you get production-ready.