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After the payment

Once a payment is processed, there are still important tasks that need to be completed to ensure the transaction is properly settled and reconciled. IXOPAY platform offers powerful tools to help merchants manage these post-payment tasks efficiently.

Settling payments

After a transaction has been authorized, the settlement process takes place. This involves transferring the funds from the customer's account to the merchant's account. Settlement can take various amounts of time depending on the payment method and the payment service provider used.

IXOPAY offers a post-processing engine that standardizes the settlement process and resolves any resulting conflicts across different payment service providers and payment methods. By configuring settlement data fetchers and settings, merchants can easily manage the settlement process and import the data into their accounting systems.

For more information on settling payments with the IXOPAY platform, check out the Settling Payments article.


Once the settlement process is complete, the merchant can reconcile their accounts to ensure that all transactions have been properly processed and accounted for. This can be a complex process, as different payment service providers may provide reconciliation data in various formats and with different levels of granularity.

IXOPAY platform offers a post-processing engine that standardizes the reconciliation process and resolves any resulting conflicts, such as missing reconciliation data or incorrectly calculated fees. Merchants can also use the IXOPAY platform Reconciliation API to retrieve transaction data within a specified time frame and paginated results.

For more information on reconciliation with the IXOPAY platform, check out the Reconciliation article.