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Accept payments

There are different methods for accepting payments with IXOPAY platform, depending on the specific needs of your business. This section covers the most common integration methods.

Hosted Payment Pages

One way to accept payments with IXOPAY platform is to use Hosted Payment Pages. Hosted payment pages provide a simple way to start accepting payments without requiring any front-end development experience. When using hosted payment pages, the customer is redirected to IXOPAY platform's secure hosted payment page to enter their payment details. Once payment is complete, the customer is redirected back to your website.

Hosted payment pages provide a quick and easy integration method that does not require any front-end programming on your part. However, you have less control over the look and feel of the payment page and the customer experience.


payment.js is a JavaScript library provided by IXOPAY that allows you to embed a payment form directly on your website. This method requires some programming knowledge, but provides a seamless checkout experience for your customers, as they do not have to leave your website to enter their payment information.

Choosing the Right Integration Method

Choosing the right integration method depends on your specific business needs. Consider the customer experience, level of control, and programming knowledge required when deciding which method to use.