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Returns the merchant users of the given merchant.


Query Parameters

    merchantGuid stringrequired

    Identifier of the merchant.


The merchants of the given tenant.

    success booleanrequired

    Whether the request was successful or not.

    merchantUser object[]

    List of merchant users of a merchant.

  • Array [

  • username string

    Possible values: >= 3 characters

    type MerchantUserTyperequired

    Possible values: [web, api]

    email email

    Mandatory for web users.

    password string

    Mandatory for

    • api users
    • web users if sendInitialPassword is false
    firstName string
    lastName string
    validUntil date-time
    disabled boolean

    Default value: false

    multiMerchantAccess string[]

    List of merchant GUIDs the user can access, overwrites existing list.

    merchantAccess MerchantLink[]

    List of merchants the user can access.

  • Array [

  • name string

    Possible values: >= 3 characters

  • ]

  • permissions MerchantUserPermission[]

    Possible values: [frontend.dashboard.payout-forecast,,, frontend.blacklist.edit,,, frontend.whitelist.edit,, frontend.payment-template.edit,,, frontend.transaction.detailed-fees, frontend.transaction.adapter-txid-visible, frontend.transaction.risk-check-result,, frontend.transaction.refund, frontend.transaction.void, frontend.transaction.capture, frontend.transaction.settlement-state, frontend.virtual-terminal.use, frontend.virtual-terminal.register, frontend.virtual-terminal.surcharge, frontend.postprocessing.documents, frontend.schedule.start,, frontend.schedule.pause, frontend.schedule.continue, frontend.schedule.cancel, frontend.schedule.retry,, frontend.customer-profiles.prefer, frontend.customer-profiles.update, frontend.customer-profiles.delete, frontend.customer-profiles.detach, frontend.customer-profiles.deregister-and-detach, frontend.customer-profiles.transactions,]

    For web users only: permissions of the user.

    sendInitialPassword boolean

    For web users only: send an initial password via email.

    apiUserSettings object
    push-api booleannullable
    fees-api booleannullable
    cde-login-enabled booleannullable
    snapshot-retrieval-enabled booleannullable
  • ]

  • property name* any