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Incremental authorization

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An incremental authorization increases the authorized amount on the customer's payment instrument.

Currently, the incremental authorization is only supported by a few adapters.

A following capture transaction may capture the full amount of the initial transaction and all its subsequent incremental authorizations.

Note: The capture transaction must refer to the initial preauthorize!

POST /transaction/{apiKey}/incrementalAuthorization

Path parameters

apiKeyrequiredstringAPI Key of Connector
Request body example
"cardData": {
"cardHolder": "Alex Smith",
"pan": "4111111111111111",
"cvv": "123",
"expirationMonth": "5",
"expirationYear": "2029"
"merchantTransactionId": "your-unique-identifier",
"referenceUuid": "4d40738b1194869734f7",
"merchantMetaData": "my-category-1",
"amount": "9.99",
"currency": "EUR",
"successUrl": "",
"cancelUrl": "",
"errorUrl": "",
"callbackUrl": "",
"description": "Purchase description shown on credit card statement."