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Cancel a Pay-by-Link.


For technical reasons, cancelling a Pay-by-Link does not prevent customers from finishing a transaction in all cases. In case the customer was redirected to the PSP's payment page, they could still conduct and finish the payment. Depending on your use case, you must ensure to have remediation mechanisms in place to prevent double payments.

When using Payment Selection Pages, cancellation of the transaction is only possible up to the point where the customer did not yet choose a payment method.


Path Parameters

    payByLinkId stringrequired

    Possible values: <= 50 characters

    ID of the Pay-by-Link.

    The value for payByLinkId can be extracted from the cancelUrl of the payByLinkData response field in the Transaction API.


Successfully cancelled a Pay-by-Link.


    success boolean

    Whether the request was successful.

    transactionStatus string

    Possible values: [success, error_adapter, error_internal, invalid, pending, pending_postback, await_redirect, await_completion, redirected, cancelled, pending_dcc]

    Current status of the transaction

    errorCode number

    Error message in case of error.

    errorMessage string

    Error code in case of error.

    property name* any