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Forward compatibility

The IXOPAY platform may expand and enhance its API in an additive and backwards-compatible way. Below, we list the expectations that integrators shall adhere to in order to remain forward compatible with future enhancements.

  • We reserve the right to extend our API in an additive way.
  • We may add additional, optional fields to our API request.
  • We may add additional fields to our existing API responses and callbacks.
  • Fields with explicit enum declarations may be extended in the future. Integrators shall be capable to handle newly introduced enum values.
    For instance, this may be additional error codes or names of card brands.
  • We reserve the right to change the length or format of opaque strings, such as error messages and human-readable strings.
    • Do not make assumptions about the length of strings.
      Many of these values are taken verbatim from underlying payment processors, and are therefore subject to their sizing constraints.
    • This includes adding or removing prefixes of identifiers, generated by the API.