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This page provides an overview of the payments methods provided by the Paysafecard adapter in the IXOPAY platform. It also includes a full list of all configuration options available to you when integrating Paysafecard within your payments landscape, as well as an overview of the parameters required when submitting a transaction via IXOPAY's API.

Payment Methods

Payment MethodTransaction FlowsTransaction Types
PaysafecardFull-Page Redirect, Server-to-serverDebit, Refund, Payout

Required Parameters for Payout

If the transaction includes the parameter 'referenceUuid' the customer parameters will be extracted from the reference transaction if they are not explicitly provided.

customer.identificationstringtrueUnique id of the customer in your system
customer.emailstringconditionalRequired if psc_id is not provided
customer.extraData.psc_idstringconditionalRequired if email is not provided