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This page provides an overview of the payments methods provided by the Payline adapter in the IXOPAY platform. It also includes a full list of all configuration options available to you when integrating Payline within your payments landscape, as well as an overview of the parameters required when submitting a transaction via IXOPAY's API.

Payment Methods

Payment MethodTransaction FlowsTransaction Types
CreditcardiFrame Form & payment.js IntegrationAll

Additional Parameters


extraData.paymentModeOverwrite payment mode, see when using Contract Number (PASS)

Payfacs parameters

Note: to enable sending of Payfacs parameters, please enable the "Enable Payfacs" setting on the connector.

  • R = required
  • O = optional
  • C = conditional
extraData.subMerchantIdIdentifier of the sub-market (final beneficiary) defined by the payment provider (Payment Facilitator). (AN15)RRRR
extraData.subMerchantMCCMCC Code (N4)RRRR
extraData.subMerchantNameSub-merchants name (AN15)RR
extraData.subMerchantSIRETSIRET (French merchants) (AN14)OROO
extraData.subMerchantTaxCodeTax code (US and Canadian merchants) (AN) - Mandatory for countries USA and CAN.CC
extraData.subMerchantStreetStreet name (AN30)RO
extraData.subMerchantCityCity (AN15)RO
extraData.subMerchantZipCodePostal code (AN15)RO
extraData.subMerchantCountryCountry code (AN2)RR
extraData.subMerchantStateState (AN3)OO
extraData.subMerchantEmailAddressEmail (ANS40)R
extraData.subMerchantPhoneNumberPhone number (AN20)R