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This page provides an overview of the payments methods provided by the GooglePay™ adapter in the IXOPAY platform. It also includes a full list of all configuration options available to you when integrating GooglePay™ within your payments landscape, as well as an overview of the parameters required when submitting a transaction via IXOPAY's API.

GooglePay is not an adapter itself, but a common type of payment supported by some listed adapters.

Only GooglePay protocol version 2 (ECv2) is supported.


You can use GooglePay in your Android app or on your website.

To integrate GooglePay in your Android app please refer to the following links:

To integrate GooglePay in your website please refer to the following links:

Transaction Processing

For GooglePay transactions acquire a Payment Token through your Android app, or on your website.

Use the following parameters when sending a request to Google and replace YOUR_MERCHANT_ID with the GUID of your merchant:

gatewayMerchantId = "YOUR_MERCHANT_ID"

If you are unsure about your gateway parameter, please contact your account manager.

The resulting token must be submitted in the transactionToken element of the Debit/Preauthorize, prefixed with googlepay:

Example XML:


Example JSON:

"transactionToken": "googlepay:{\"signature\":\"...\", ...}\"}",

Card Parameters

A billing address is not required for processing transactions, therefore no billing address parameters need to be given with a card.

Supported Card Authentication Methods


Supported Card Networks

  • AMEX
  • JCB
  • VISA