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This page provides an overview of the payments methods provided by the Dalenys adapter in the IXOPAY platform. It also includes a full list of all configuration options available to you when integrating Dalenys within your payments landscape, as well as an overview of the parameters required when submitting a transaction via IXOPAY's API.

Payment Methods

Payment MethodTransaction FlowsTransaction Types
Credit cardpayment.js, Redirect & iFrame Formall

Additional Parameters

  • description (required)
  • useragent (extra data, required): The browser's useragent (even for recurring transactions).
  • descriptor (extra data, optional): needs to be enabled on Daleny's side too.
  • identification (customer, required)
  • email (customer, required)
  • IP address (customer, required)
  • Reference Transaction (maybe required): Depending on your MCC, it might be required to reference a 3DS authed transaction for payouts.

3D-Secure Verification parameters are supported, however MANDATORY will behave like OPTIONAL. That is, if the card is not enrolled for 3DS authentication, the transaction will pass unauthenticated.