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This page provides an overview of the payments methods provided by the 2C2P adapter in the IXOPAY platform. It also includes a full list of all configuration options available to you when integrating 2C2P within your payments landscape, as well as an overview of the parameters required when submitting a transaction via IXOPAY's API.

Payment Methods

Payment MethodTransaction FlowsTransaction Types
CreditcardiFrame Form & payment.js IntegrationDebit, Register, Preauthorize, Capture, Void, Refund, Deregister
2C2P QR PaymentFull-Page RedirectDebit only
2C2P WebpayFull-Page RedirectDebit only
2C2P ATM & KioskFull-Page RedirectDebit only
2C2P Pay at CounterFull-Page RedirectDebit only
2C2P Digital WalletFull-Page RedirectDebit only
2C2P MPUFull-Page RedirectDebit only
2C2P OK DollarFull-Page RedirectDebit only

Mandatory Parameters


Additional parameters

Extra DataRequiredDescription
sub-methodtruename of the sub method which should be used

Due to the number of payment channels 2C2P provides per payment channel an extra parameter is required to determine which channel should be used. The full list of supported channels can be found here: List of Payment Channels

To use the desired Channel the "Channel Code" has to be submitted via the "sub-method" extra data field.